Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fan Database

Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fans Are The Most Durable And Powerful Solar Powered Ventilation Products Available.

Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fans

Using only high quality parts and materials, Attic Breeze manufactures solar attic fans and solar powered ventilation products that will stand up to the harshest weather conditions time after time.

The Attic Breeze line of 40 watt residential and commercial solar attic fans deliver an incredible 1800 CFM of airflow, far more air than any other product in this class.

Why Purchase An Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fan?

Attic Breeze residential and commercial solar attic fans offer many advantages over competitive products:

• Zincalume alloy vent housing (superior corrosion resistance for costal climates), available in both self-flashing and curb mount models.

• Powerful 14 inch fan capable of moving up to 1800 CFM of airflow (energy efficient design and ultra quiet operation).

• Models available with solar panel either attached to attic vent unit or with remotely mounted solar panel options.

• All solar attic vent units are manufactured with thermal switch included at no additional charge.

• Attic vent units available in heavy-duty commercially painted finishes (black, brown, or gray), or unpainted zincalume alloy.

• Durable metal design and construction capable of withstanding extreme weather conditions and high winds.

• Products may qualify for incentives in your area reducing purchase and installation costs by several hundred dollars.

• All residential and commercial products are covered by the best warranty available in the industry.

Solar Attic Fan Benefits:
Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fan Benefits

Attic Breeze Installation Guide

Attic Breeze solar attic vents have been carefully designed to provide easy installation with minimal tools or experience required. Most installations can be completed in less than one hour. You can review the installation process by downloading the installation guides below. If you need any assistance installing your new Attic Breeze solar attic vent, we are here to help!

Download the Attic Breeze self-flashing solar attic fan Installation Guide.
This guide should be used with Attic Breeze models AB-201, AB-202, AB-251, AB-252, AB-401, AB-402.

Download the Attic Breeze curb-mounted solar attic fan Installation Guide.
This guide should be used with Attic Breeze models AB-203, AB-204, AB-253, AB-254, AB-403, AB-404.

Installation Services

Attic Breeze solar attic vents are based on common vent housing designs that should be familiar to any local roofing contractor in your area. Additionally, installation does not require any special skills or building permits beyond those typically associated with installing a common roof vent.

Attic Breeze Solar Powered Attic Fans Warranty:

Attic Breeze stands behind the quality of its products by offering the only Lifetime Warranty in the industry. Other manufacturers claim to have the best warranty, but only Attic Breeze offers to repair or replace any and all parts on your solar attic fan for as long as you own it!

Attic Breeze Solar Attic Fan Features:

• Thermal Switch

Attic Breeze solar attic vents ship standard with a thermal switch included to control the operation of the vent based on the temperature of the attic. The thermal switch minimizes attic heat loss during colder months and extends the run life of the unit. Removal of the thermal switch allows the solar attic fan to be operated continuously when sunlight is available.

• Mounting Brackets

Universal Bracket: This fully adjustable universal mounting bracket allows you to mount your remote solar panel either on a pole, the side of a wall, or on top of your roof. Once mounted, the solar panel can be adjusted to any angle or direction desired.

Standard Bracket: The standard low profile mounting bracket offers a secure and convenient method for mounting your remote solar panel. This bracket is not adjustable for the angle or direction of the solar panel and can only be mounted on top of your roof.

• Remote Solar Panel

Remote mounted solar panels may be shipped either painted to match the color selection of the attic vent unit or unpainted. The solar panel frames are constructed from corrosion resistant aluminum and offer superior resistance to weathering.

Unpainted Solar Panel: Remote mounted solar panel is not painted.

Painted Solar Panel: Remote mounted solar panel frame is painted to match attic vent color selection.

Attic Breeze News & New Products:

New Attic Breeze AB-256:
New Attic Breeze AB-256 wall-mounted solar powered fans. These new fans come complete with mounting box, flush mounted louvers, and a high-efficiency remote mount 25 watt solar panel.

The AB-256 will move over 1550 CFM of air and can be installed up to 40 feet away from the solar panel. These commercial fans offer both a green and affordable alternative for ventilating warehouse spaces and other large open space work areas.

New AB-205 And AB-255 Gable Fans:
Attic Breeze now offers both 20 and 25 watt solar powered gable fans. The AB-205 and AB-255 model gable fans are the most powerful residential solar powered gable fans available.

Moving over 1550 CFM of air, the AB-255 can effectively ventilate an attic space of up to 2200 sqft per a single unit. The high efficiency, industrial grade 25 watt solar panels used by Attic Breeze are powerful enough to run on cloudy days, while most other brand solar attic fans will not. Unit may be mounted up to 40 feet away from solar panel.

New Attic Breeze AB-401, AB-402, AB-403, AB-404, AB-405, AB-406:
The Attic Breeze AB-400 series features dual 20 watt remote mounted solar panels. With 40 watts total power and 1,800 CFM of airflow, the AB-404 is the highest capacity solar attic fan available. Each of the two remote solar panels ships complete with 15 feet of shielded wiring and low profile mounting brackets.